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Sharing Grandma's Gift

By Shelley Berlin Parrish

Illustrated by Kristi Petosa-Sigel


That is the simple small act of granting during Christmas which doesn't cost much, can leave memoirs which can last the whole life to darling.

I remembered many years ago when I was the small child of 10 years, one of my aunt which was the devout Christian and who celebrated Christmas, gave me a Christmas gift. It was the big dimensional book which I could read on history of the pirate in exterritorial waters. It gave huge pleasure for me, the small child then. It would don't cost it more than $10 for it, but its performance that day gave me huge pleasure which lasted till this day - the simple act of granting which touched my heart and which remains cherishing. Though this aunt lives now in other foreign state, one thousand miles separately, and wasn't any communication between us for more than to twenty in years, nevertheless there is this unfaltering communication of love that somewhere in this world, there is someone who cared many, many years ago, and whom I will wish to want to look for it and visit if there is an opportunity. Really, time and distance didn't reduce the memories of its beautiful performance of granting that day.

I asked a question why it is told earlier that it is more blessed to give, than to receive. I always felt that receiving something from someone else and its storage in my pockets were more blessed, than to give.

But then when I think of this small slice of history and personal experience, and remembered a huge number of pleasure in my heart when I received that book of history as a gift, I could remember how the person of my aunt which has been also shined, and, flared, and it, appear, was almost to resemble the remarkable fairy who cares of all on the earth, and I am sure that she felt happy, and happy.

Really, it - when we give from us and we give another, such as our darlings and needing that we can be blessed in exchange. Gift - a gift. because we give without expectation something in exchange, but the natural right and this Universe dictates that when we give for love, this love is transferred to energy which can't be explained and which will concern lives, both will change perception and will make the world the best place to live century.

So this Christmas season, a pause also think how we can seed love and give gifts and love gifts to another. Our gifts can not be expensive, but they can concern life when we let out hearts, and is far from us and when we give from goodwill and love.

Really, it is more blessed to give, than to receive.