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Sharing Grandma's Gift

By Shelley Berlin Parrish

Illustrated by Kristi Petosa-Sigel


Wood widely consider as the most healthy construction material in the world. The integral tree represents a reliable, strong material which can last very long, without demanding excessive protection. However, wood - a natural living material and, unlike artificial materials, it reacts to various environment in special methods. We would like to draw your attention to the main instructions on service for working surfaces from an integral tree, island tops or boards for meat cutting. After these instructions will lead to existence of a big look, easy to support a customs working surface which many years will last.

Tops with finishing of mineral oil

The group has to be greased carefully at top, the basis and the parties, giving area to - ends-grains of special attention as section that the wood, most possibly, will absorb humidity through. Each reduction or training which you do in group (or for regulation of the size, an outline plum or for other purposes) have to be greased also completely. Mineral oil проземли (Gess, Germany) are a product which we recommend for kitchen appendices of tops, considering that it was especially developed to adjoin to products. For situations, where there is a lot of involved humidity (as plums, water cranes, etc.) mineral oil only won't guarantee the best protection, and it is desirable to use polyurethane or any other similar termination instead.

With a soft brush grease the wood generous on all parties or simply pour out a small amount of oil on the wood and then extend it with a brush. Allow the wood to absorb oil within about 20-30 minutes and then to delete surplus with an absorbing paper towel. When the top at first is established, it is desirable to apply 2-3 consecutive coats of oil after which, a slippery jack to be applied once some months or every time when necessary. Each time you sand area to remove scratches or to reduce the marks, the new coat of oil owes the applied.



To keep your wooden top clean, periodically clear or put aside any food remains existing on its surface, washing with warm soap water, and dry up it well using either dry fabric or paper towels. Apply a new coat of oil any necessary time. Alternatively, you can heat up 1:4 combination of wax and mineral oil while the mix doesn't become homogenized, and then apply it uniformly on a top surface, thus receiving additional protection against both colourings and humidity.

Avoid to establish the wooden top near extraordinary sources of heat as furnaces if there is no corresponding isolation between a source of heat and top. Avoid to spill vinegar at the wooden top having the termination of mineral oil as it can cause giving of a form of a bowl or breaking up

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