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Sharing Grandma's Gift

By Shelley Berlin Parrish

Illustrated by Kristi Petosa-Sigel


Results of our extensive historical research are written to the report which includes the illustrative story of all last house owners, their occupations and employment or the office addresses, the detailed research of census in the field of all inhabitants, copies of the original construction license and the subsequent work permit, discussions of social history, WWI and the agenda of World War II, files of the passport and photos, biographies of builders and architects, inclusions of historical photos and last newspaper articles and historical cards, showing changes with the house or building for a long time.

One of our fresher genealogical abilities consists in trying to define location of living relatives of your first house owners who often own those rare and nonpublic stories and the ancient images taken in your house which remained with relatives and availible in any public archive isn't. We have about 4 of 9 indicators of success of an arrangement of living relatives of your first house owner!

The illustrated story of your history of the area included in your report, just as information on development of your certain block, with construction of dates and stories I provided the majority of structures, nearby. The project the PDF version is provided for the review to the created final version.

It is presented in the connected volumne printed on paper of a stock of a covering in the attractive connected booklet with a relief and punched covering. The text both accompanying pictures and documents are also submitted on CD to add the additional information found in the future, either your own history or rebuilding plans. The folder with copies of all suitable documents and archival finds is also included.

Our stories of the house completely footnoted with all sources, also contains the full bibliography.

After your history of the house is finished, we will sometimes send historical information, on an additional basis, concerning your house, business, the area, the street, or in public, responsible for its design which is found in future searches or researches, two years later after your report is delivered. The copy of your history of the house is deposited in local historical respositories for others to possess and use if you don't prefer differently.

Some modern digital photos of your house or business are included within the report, along with a big variety of historical images which can include your house and the area, along with those historical monuments which are connected with your houses the former inhabitants. Our stories of the house, obviously, change by the size from 20 pages to several dozens.